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Music for any occasion.

The Zāki Duo stand out through their versatility. Equally at ease playing background music as they are performing in a concert for an attentive audience, they can change their repertoire to match the occasion. 

Their performances in and around Sydney have seen them play in all sorts of special events from retail product launches, to a James Bond themed house party, to sit down home concerts of "serious music", to their regular appearances at wedding ceremonies/canapés and corporate events where they like to mix and match to the energy of the crowd.

Their story.


Isabel and Ariel met during their studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. In forming the Zāki Duo, they wanted to share their love of music from different places and cultures, inspired by many trips abroad. The idea was to bring to the "events space" something a bit different to your standard band or string group.


They are a melting-pot of styles: jazz, classical, contemporary pop, folk music, pieces from Spain, Brazil, Iran and more ... all under the one roof. 


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